Fred’s Pulled Beef Sandwiches

Pulled Beef Sandwich
Pulled Beef Sandwich

Fred’s Pulled Beef Sandwiches:
I use the toughest and/or cheapest cut of meat, like Chuck, Chuck Tenders (which are much leaner) or Beef Knuckle (which is the forward part of the hind leg and very tough), never use Brisket, it’s too fatty and too expensive! Cut the meat into large portions, just big enough to fit into your pressure cooker. I use an 8 quart pot and cut an 8lbs roast in half. Start by using a generous amount of Rub (see blog for recipe) on the meat, cover with aluminum foil and set aside for at least one hour or over night. After an hour of marinating, I smoke the meat using Apple Wood Chips, for at least two smoke cycles or about 3-6 hours. If you don’t have a smoker, grill the meat for a half hour searing all sides and if you don’t have a grill, skip to the next step and add 1-1/2 tablespoons of Liquid Smoke to the pot. Of course it won’t taste the same as a smoke roast but it’s the best you’ll do without a smoker or grill. After smoking, place meat in pressure cooker with about one inch of water in the pot, one large sliced onion and one cup Lulu’s BBQ sauce (see blog for recipe). Bring pot to hissing pressure, turn heat to low and cook at a low hiss for one and a half hours. Once done cooking, remove meat, (save the liquid from the pot) shred with two forks and moisten with the liquid from the pressure cooker. Server on a hamburger bun, topped with Lulu’s BBQ sauce and Fred’s Coleslaw.

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